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Hot Stone Reflexology

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My Treatments: Services

Hot Stone Reflexology

What is Hot Stone Reflexology?


Where hot stones are used within a traditional reflexology treatment, to take relaxation to another level. The treatment involves using smooth basalt stones which are heated and then used to massage the lower leg and feet,  and to carry out reflexology.


What are the benefits?

Hot stones enhance the benefits of traditional reflexology. The warmth provided by the hot stones is comforting and soothing. This can create a feeling of being cared for and protected, and a greater sense of wellbeing. Working with hot stones allows me to work more deeply with the massage and reflexology. Which can help to ease tension and muscle stiffness, improve circulation, reduce fluid retention, improve sleep and enable deeper relaxation.

What to expect:

The treatment takes longer than a traditional reflexology at about 90 minutes.

Your initial treatment will take a little longer than subsequent treatments because it includes a free health and lifestyle consultation. This allows me to tailor the treatment to suit your needs. Please be assured, all information is treated confidentially. 


Before the treatment begins, please remove shoes, socks and roll up clothing to the knee. (Be aware this treatment includes massage up to the knee. I'd be grateful if you would wear clothes you can easily roll up or be prepared to remove trousers or tights.) A blanket will be provided for you to cover up and snuggle up. 


Then, lie back on a reflexology chair or couch whilst I use a combination of heated stones and traditional reflexology applied to the lower legs, feet and reflex points.  


Next it's up to you, some people enjoy talking while others like to drift off to sleep!

Reflexology is usually a relaxing and calming experience, however there may be areas that are more sensitive. This is an indication of where there may be an imbalance. Don’t let ticklish feet put you off, the pressure applied is firm enough to avoid this.

Although the stones are warm, they will not burn. However, please note that this treatment may not be suitable for everyone, particularly those with conditions that heat may aggravate.  


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